Backing up with Time Machine

Time Machine is a backup application that comes standard with all Apple computers. The set up is easy and backups take place in the background without any effort on your part. Additionally, it will backup your entire computer. Once an external hard drive is plugged in and configured, the initial backup can take up to a day to complete, depending on how much data you have. After that, the software only backs up data that has been changed and will do so on an hourly basis (as long as the hard drive is plugged in). These hourly back ups can be as quick a couple of minutes.

What you need:

- External Hard Drive, at least 500Gb

How to set up:

- Purchase an external hard drive, similar to the one in this link

- Plug in the included USB cord into your laptop

- The following message should appear on your screen

- Select "Use as Backup Disk"

If the above message does not appear, follow these steps:

- Find the Time Machine icon at the top of the screen by the time and volume control

- Click the icon and choose "Open Time Machine Preferences..."

- When the preference page opens click "Select backup disk"

- In the next window that opens, select your hard drive and click "Use for Backup". In the example below, it is titled "Macintosh HD". Your's will most likely have a different name.

- Once you have selected your disk and set it up to be used as a backup, you can check the status of the backup from the Time Machine icon again. Notice in the image below, it now says "Waiting to backup". That notice will change as the backup begins, is in progress and ends.