Setting Up Google Drive for Mac

Backing up to a "cloud" based service is a great way store your data in a safe and convenient way, and in most cases, your data can be accesses from any device that is online. There are various providers that offer free online storage but only up to a certain amount of space. After that you will need to upgrade your account for additional space. For many, if all you are backing up are documents, flip charts and other small files, then this solution is best. Listed below are some of the top vendors of online storage but for this tutorial, I will be showing you how to install and set up Google drive, using your district provided Google account (your e-mail).

Top online storage providers
- Google Drive
- Dropbox
- Box

Here we will set up Google drive, and the reason I promote Google so much is that all district employees have already been issued google accounts for e-mail but there are also other integrated applications that can be used with that account, such as Google drive. With Google drive you can easily share files with other district employees, or anyone with a Google account for that matter. The scope of the article, however, is not showing you all the functions of Google drive but more to show you how to set it up and back up your data.

What you will need:

- A Google account (for district employees it is their e-mail address)

- The Google drive application (download instructions below)

How to set up:

- First it is recommended that you download the Google drive application. Navigate to

- Above the search engine, find "Drive"

- If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Remember your account name is your e-mail address

- Once on the drive page, click "Download Google Drive for Mac"

- The download should proceed as usual in your browser. Once complete find the and open the downloaded installer "installgoogledrive.dmg". You will be presented with the following window.
- Drag the Google Drive icon into the Applications folder icon. If you are presented with a message stating that Google Drive already exists, choose to replace.

- Next, go to the Applications folder and find the Google Drive icon. Double click it to begin set up. If you are presented with a message stating that Google Drive was downloaded from the internet, select "Open".

- You should now be presented with a log in page. Click "Sign in now"
- Provide your Google account credentials. Remember it is your district provided e-mail address

- For "Getting Started, Pt. 1 of 2", simply click "Next"

- For "Getting Started, Pt. 2 of 2", click "Start Sync"
- If you are presented with a message like below, click "OK" and provide your laptop's login credentials, not your Google account.
- You will now notice a new icon at the top of your screen next to the time and volume controls. This is the Google Drive application and you can monitor the status of your backup and access other feature of Google Drive.
this article.

-You will find the Google Drive folder by clicking the Finder or happy face icon on your dock. Find your name on the left and click it. You will now see a Google Drive Folder

- This icon can be moved to the dock for easier access.

- Begin dragging and dropping files that you wish to backup into this folder

- Additional information can be found by clicking on the Google Drive icon in the top of your screen

- Remember that the free account only gives you 5Gb of storage space. If you wish to get more storage you will have to purchase a premium account. You may do so by selecting "Get more storage" from the