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Updating the Flash-Plugin

If you are receiving an error message when visiting the web sites that shows "Blocked Plug-in", you may need to update your Adobe Flash Plug-in. This problem only applies to users using the Safari or Firefox web browser. The Google Chrome web browser updates this plug-in automatically.

To update your Adobe Flash Plug-in, please follow the directions below:

1. Go to

2. Click the Menu link

3. Choose Adobe Flash Player

4. Click the yellow "Install Now" button

5. Follow the instructions on the next page to finish the installation (Remember, it will download to your "Downloads" folder)

If you are presented with an error message that says to force close all applications, click the "Force Close" button and enter your password to force close. Please note that this will close open web browsers

If you are again presented with an error message that asks you to quit "flash bridge-wrapper-crossplatform", please follow these instructions:

1. Find the Promethean control panel in the top right of your screen, it will look like one of the following icons

2. Choose Flashbridge and Quit

3. Click "Retry" on the Flash Installation window and it should now complete