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How to Submit a Help Ticket

How to submit a tech request

To submit a help request is very simple. All it requires is an e-mail account. We request that you do not stray from the format that is being presented in this document.

  1. To begin open your e-mail program (ie. GMaill, Mail, Outlook, etc.)
  2. Please fill out the e-mail as follows. The picture below is an example
    1. Make the email out to (please find your sites address at the bottom of this document)
    2. For the subject line please put : “Tech Request”
    3. In the body of the e-mail please put the following information:
  • Requester’s Name
  • Room number or department
  • Description of problem/ help request
  • Best time  to stop by

Checking or updating a request

Once the e-mail has been sent you should receive a response in about 5-10 minutes confirming that the ticketing system received your request. This e-mail will provide you with your ticket number and a link to view the status of your request. Also through this link you have the ability to send a message and update your request.

You will also receive e-mail updates from the ticketing system any time your ticket has been updated or closed.

Rules for the Ticket System
  • Please do not submit maintenance requests, this system is for technology only.
  • Do not submit any requests for purchases, go to your sites administration for that.
  • Any requests for installing new software or hardware must be submitted by your principal. However, reinstallation or troubleshooting of existing software and hardware may be submitted by the end user.
  • Once a ticket has been closed, please do not respond with thank you's. While we appreciate it, all it does is reopen the ticket. Only respond to a closed ticket if you find the issue has not been resolved.
  • If you fix an issue yourself after opening a ticket, there is no need to submit another ticket, simply go to your ticket via the link you were provided in the e-mail confirmation where you can close the ticket yourself.

E-mail address

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Cypress Charter School :
Del Mar Elementary :
Green Acres Elementary :
Live Oak Elementary :
Shoreline Middle School :
Ocean Alternative :
District Office :