Un-Enrolling Students

When a student leaves a school or the district, they should be unenrolled from Renaissance Place to free up Accelerated Reader licenses. Please follow these steps to unenroll.

1. Log into Renaissance Place at https://hosted269.renlearn.com/283387/

2. Select "Users"

3. Choose "View Students"

4. Search for the student to be unenrolled either by their first or last name or by their student ID

5. Select the student by clicking on their name

6. Make sure you are in the "Class Enrollment" tab

7. Under "Action", click "Unenroll" for each school listed for the student

8. Click "Save" at the bottom

9. Now Move to the "School Enrollment" tab

10. Click "Unenroll" again to remove from the school

11. Click "Save" at the bottom