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Set Authentication Pin for Sharp Printer

Printing to a district or site printer may require a pin to be configured for authentication. Below are the steps required program the pin on an Apple computer. This only needs to be done once then the system remembers the pin.
1. Find a document or picture to print, do not try to print a web page

2. From the print dialog box, select the printer you need to configure

3. Next, choose "Job Handling" from the drop-down menu as shown below

4. Now click on the "Authentication" tab, then choose "Use Number" and type in the pin supplied to you

5. Now you must save this as a preset. To do so, choose "Save Current Settings as Preset..." from the Presets drop-down menu

6. On the next screen, name the preset and make sure "Only this printer" is selected

7. Click "Okay" and the pin number is now set.

Note: When printing from Google Chrome, you will need to take an extra step to print the page. Choose the option to "Print using system dialog..."

There is a workaround for this to disable the Chrome print window and go straight to the normal print window.

1. Open Terminal from Applications and then Utilities
2. When the dialog box appears, paste the following text and hit enter on your keyboard
defaults write DisablePrintPreview -bool true
3. You will not receive a message of any kind, so you can now quit Terminal
4. Quit Chrome and open again. The next time you print it should go straight to the normal print window