Adding your class to the LearnStorm challenge

If you would like the students in your Khan Academy class to join the LearnStorm challenge, follow the steps below.

1. Make sure you have created at class and had your students join it, as described in the following articles

2. Now go to the LearnStorm website and click "Join Us"

3. Under "Sign up now", click "Teachers start here"

4. Select "Bay Area"

5. Enter your name and phone number
Note : Use your school's phone number, not a personal one.

6. If prompted, log into Khan Academy with your credentials

7. You should be taken to your Dashboard on Khan Academy. You will see listed all the classes you have created. Above the class names, you should see a banner that says "This class is eligible to join LearnStorm: Bay Area. Click the box "Add this class to the challenge"
Note: Only programming or math classes are eligible for the challenge

8. Choose the appropriate information about your class and click "Next", then "Sign up the class!"

9. Above your class it should now have the banner saying "This class is signed up for LearnStorm!"