How students join your class

Once you have successfully created a class in Khan Academy, follow these steps to get your students to join so you can monitor their progress and pull reports.

1. Have your students go to Khan Academy either from the student links page or at

2. At the top right of the screen, choose "Log in"

3. Choose "Log in to Khan Academy with Google"

4. Have students log in with their credentials

5. If students are presented with the following message, have them click "allow"

6. Have students choose their grade level from the dropdown menu and then click "Done! Keep learning."

7. Students may then choose an avatar and click "Save"
Note : Avatars with locks can not be chosen, they can be unlocked with their progress through the program.

8. From the home page, have students click on their user name in the top right corner of the screen and select "Profile" from the drop down menu

9. On the Profile page, have students choose "Coaches"

10. On the coaches page, have your students type in the Classroom code that was generated when you created your class. They can then click "Join the class".
Note : Described in step 10 of the article Logging in and creating a class on Khan Academy

11. Immediately after clicking "Join the class", students should be able to see your user name listed to the right

You can now monitor your students progress and change the subject for your class.

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