Accessing Gradebook

Please follow these steps to properly access Gradebook

1. Log into PowerTeacher
2. On the left side of the screen, find the "New Gradebook Launch" section

3. Click "Installer", you should be directed to a new page where you can click "Download Installer"

4. The download will begin and once completed you can find the file "Gradebook.dmg" under your Downloads folder
5. Open the file and a new window will open with an icon that says "Double Click to Install". Do so to begin installing

6. If you receive a message asking permission to open, click "Open"
7. A prompt to "Press Run to run this script" will appear. Click "Run"
Note : If you receive a message stating that Gradebook is already installed, you may click quit and proceed to step 9 or you can overwrite if this is a second attempt at installing.

8. You should then receive a prompt stating that "Your Gradebook Installation Is Almost Complete". Read the text and click "OK"

Note : Steps 1-8 will only need to be performed one time. The following steps will need to be performed each time you want to access Gradebook.

9. Return to PowerTeacher and log in again if session has ended
10. Now click "Launch" under "New Gradebook Launch"
11. Each time you click "Launch" from now on a new file will be downloaded called "LaunchGradebook.ptg" with the following icon

12. You may navigate to your downloads folder to open this file or from the downloads window in your browser and it will automatically open GradeBook.

Note : If you receive a message stating that "Other active sessions were detected for this User Account", click "Terminate Other Sessions" to continue