Install Safari Montage Player

Before you can log into Safari Montage you must first install the player so you can view the videos in your web browser. This article will show you how to to determine if you need the player and how to install it. These steps work the same for any web browser but in this article we will be using Safari.

Step 1 - Go to the Safari Montage page in your preferred web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) by typing this address:

Step 2 - If you get an image like the one below, you need to download the player. Please do so by clicking "Download Now". If you are presented with a login screen, you already have the player installed and may proceed logging in.

Step 3 - After the file downloads, go to your downloads folder and find the file "

Step 4 - Double click the file and it will extract the installer, highlighted below. Now double click on that file.

Step 5 - The installer will now open, click "Continue"

Step 6 - Click "Continue" on the Read Me page

Step 7 - Click "Continue" on the Software License Agreement

Step 8 - Click "Agree" to continue

Step 9 - Click "Install"

Step 10 - When prompted, enter your password (same as you use to log into the computer)

Step 11 - Once the install completes, click "Close" to finish

Step 12 - Restart your web browser in order for the media player to successfully start. You can confirm a proper restart of the browser by quitting out of it completely.

Step 13 - Open your browser again and go to the Safari Montage page You should now have the log in page.